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Jedi and Mandalorians

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No one could have predicted this. 

Mandalorians were a strong, warrior culture and the people attracted to strong warriors. 

Then again, they probably should have.

They thought the Jedi were weak. They thought the peace loving, robed monks would be easy to conquer.

They thought the Jedi would be an easy fight.

Oh they were wrong.

As the Mandalorians stared at the masked and robed figure before them, holding aloft the helm of the now dead Mand’alor, they realized just how wrong they were.

Revan the Butcher they called the Jedi. 

Revan the Jedi worthy to be a Mandalorian. 

Then Revan was killed. 

Canderous sat in the dinghy cantina day after day, mourning his scattered people and his days of glory; remembering the last day he saw The Butcher on the battlefield. 

It was a particularly bad day in the lower levels of Taris when Canderous snapped at the little lady and her companion.

Her eyes narrowed and Canderous felt like he met her before.

The longer he followed the Little Lady and her band of misfits, the longer he told her stories of the battlefield and the War, the stronger the feeling grew. He knew her. Canderous grew fond of the Little Lady and her Jedi. 

When Carth pulled a shell-shocked Little Lady onto the Ebon Hawk and they escaped Malak, the truth came out.

Little Lady was Revan.

Revan the Butcher was alive.

Revan survived.

And Canderous Ordo was honored to fight side by side to the end.


Canderous Ordo mourned his friend.

Revan had left as soon as she placed the Helm of Mandalore upon his head and told him to unite the Clans.

She disappeared and the Sith killed all the Jedi. 

Canderous hated the galaxy without the Jedi.

The Mandalorians hated the galaxy without the Jedi.

“How are you, Mandalore?” Kelborn caught Canderous in a rare moment of solitude.

Canderous sighed. “The galaxy is in shambles. There needs to be Jedi and Mandalorians, not only Mandalorians.” 

Kelborn shuffled his feet. “I heard whispers from Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa, whispers of a Jedi.”

“The Jedi are dead.” Canderous said. “Nothing in the galaxy could bring them back.” 

But the Jedi came back. 

The Exile was different from the Little Lady; taller, scarred, and glowing. Her companions were Jedi too. 

Canderous had to bark at everyone not to hit on the Jedi or else they would scare them off.

“Why did you join the Mandalorian Wars?” Canderous asked her.

“I wanted to test my training in a real fight. They provided an opportunity.” She answered honestly.

“Heh, we’d never faced Jedi before and we didn’t know the threat they represented. You and that Jedi Order, we only knew common knowledge and rumors and stories told to the galaxy. We only knew what we had seen in holovids. We thought we would win easily against such compassionate people. We were wrong. So what did you think of us?” Canderous asked.

“Strong warriors and worthy adversaries.” The Exile said.

Canderous watched out of the corner of his visor several Mandalorians puffed their chests out with pride. 

The Mandalorian Jedi rolled her eyes.

“And that’s what we thought of you.” Canderous cleared his throat. “Well, the Jedi who followed the Little Lady. You took a demoralized and defeated mess and turned them into an army. You brought strategy, backbone, and victory. It would be an honor to fight with you once again.” 

Just like before, Canderous lost his Jedi.

The Exile went into the unknown just like the Little Lady, leaving behind her Padawans, her baby Jedi.

Canderous wouldn’t let the galaxy wipe out the Jedi again, not on his watch.

The Mandalorians will do everything they can to protect the Jedi.


Over the years, Jedi spread stories warning each other of the Mandalorians; of how the Mandalorians stalked and hated the Jedi for the long ago Wars.

Over the years, Mandalorians spread stories praising the warrior people; of how honorable they were in battle and how easily hurt they were. 

In Mandalore space, no Jedi was allowed to go alone, let alone with a Padawan.

There was nothing they could do when Duke Kryze died and his daughter took the throne. 

Satine loved having a Jedi bodyguard; it was the stuff of fairytales. She didn’t love every Mando in the system coming around to try and adopt her bodyguard.

“Let us see the Jedi Kryze!” They shouted in Mando'a.

“I want to adopt him!” Someone from Clan Wren shouted.

“If anything he’s Clan Kryze! Back off!” Satine shouted. “Come on!”

She and Ben ran and dodged the persistent Mandalorians.

“Friends of yours?” Ben sprinted.

“Rivals!” Satine was getting Obi Wan Kenobi into Clan Kryze if it was the last thing she did. She was not going to let her stupid cousins one up her.

Satine tried. She really tried but Obi Wan was a Jedi and he had too much honor in him to abandon his Code. If she was really being honest with herself, that’s one thing Satine liked about him. One thing that made him Mandokarla.

The galaxy believed that Satine united the Clans due to her unending belief in peace and pacifism; let them. 

She had the respect because she was the only Mandalorian in thousands of years to get close and befriend a Jedi.

Satine knew if any of the Clans acted up, she could call on her Jedi.


When the Clans heard Bo-Katan was breaking years of treaties to free Mandalore by bringing a Jedi, those that questioned their loyalty found themselves swearing to the Kryze Owl.

“I bring a Jedi.” Kryze reported. “Adopted into Clan Kryze and Mandokarla in spades.”

“Adopted, what do you mean? How old is this Jedi?” Rook asked.

“She’s seventeen standard.” Bo-Katan said. “Though I do not like the idea of bringing my new daughter into a war, we need all the help we can get. Ahsoka is speaking with Ursa and going over the plan. Be prepared for war.” 


“Oya.” Bo-Katan smiled for the first time in a long time. She had done what her sister never could; adopt a Jedi into the family.

When Ahsoka defeated Maul, Bo-Katan stood with pride. That was her daughter. That was her ad who defeated Maul and saved Mandalore.

“You will deliver Maul to the Jedi and then return?” Bo-Katan didn’t want Ahsoka to leave but really, Ahsoka was the only one able to handle that Force wielding maniac.

It was late when news of the Empire rang out.

It was late when the Jedi were branded traitors and marked for execution.

It was late when Ursa called her in a panic.


“Not Ahsoka! Not my daughter.” Bo-Katan was already getting her armor on.

“I’m coming with you. We tracked where her ship crashed.”

“No. You have your little Bird. I’ll go.” 

Staring at the wrecked ship and the mass graves, Bo-Katan really wished she had Ursa here.

“Ahsoka!” She screamed. 

Fear wracked her body. 

Adrenaline like never before made her movements erratic and choppy.

“AHSOKA!” Bo-Katan screamed. “AD’IKA!”

Bo-Katan saw that each grave was handled with care, each grave looked so peaceful with the helmets marking the sites of who laid where.

Then one grave caught her eye; an unmarked grave with two lightsabers laid reverently on top. 

“No, no no no no no!” Bo-Katan collapsed in sobs. She just became a mom! She finally had a kid and now her daughter was taken from her? 

“WHY?” She screamed to the skies.

Was this payback for all the bad she had done? 

Was her daughter the price? 

“You took my sister and now you take my daughter? Haven’t I given enough?” 

Bo-Katan wept bitterly and stood up. 

“Ni su'cuyi, gar kyr'adyc, ni partayli, gar darasuum Satine Kryze and Ahsoka Tano.” 

Bo-Katan wouldn’t disturb Ahsoka’s grave; her daughter needed rest for the long march ahead of her. 


Sabine Wren knew that the Ghost Crew still didn’t trust her, it was probably because of her bounty hunter past that made them think she was a loose cannon.

“Before you stay any longer, I need to know something;” the Captain pulled her aside. “If you join us, you are family. We have your back, you have ours. I need to know if you would ever consider cashing in on our bounties.” 

Sabine was insulted. She may be considered dar’manda to her people but she still had honor. 

“I have my honor, you know.” 

“I know. It’s just… Kanan has a higher bounty than the rest of us.” Hera said.

“And?” So what?

“Kanan can do things that we can’t.” 

“And I can do things he can’t, like play with bombs.” Sabine didn’t understand. Why all the subtlety?

“I’m a Jedi.” 

Sabine jumped out of her skin. 

“Kanan, I swear I’m going to get you a bell.” Hera jumped as well. 

Sabine stared at the man in front of her. 

“So, if you join us, do I have to worry about you cashing in on my bounty?” Kanan asked. 

Sabine heard stories about the Jedi; about how beautiful they were in battle and how kind they were and how strong they were and the only thing that killed them was the Sith and their dark alchemy. 

Sabine had longed to see a real life Jedi and there was one that made her breakfast every morning and told really corny jokes. 

“No. Like Hera said, we’re family. Ni kyr'tayl gai sa'buir Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla.” Sabine nodded. 

“I’m going to take that as a yes.” Kanan grinned. 

“Welcome to the family, Spectre Five.” Hera said.

Sabine couldn’t believe it. 

She was exiled and taken in by a Jedi. She was now a daughter to a Jedi!

Ursa Wren was right about the Jedi; Sabine’s new buir was a sight to behold in battle. Lightning fast reflexes, sharp senses, a mind constantly running and forming plans…

And then the kid messed up everything. 

Sabine didn’t like him at first. 

He was loud and annoying and he smelled. 

And he was nothing like Kanan. 

But the kid surprised her. 

He had heart. He came back for them when he knew it was a trap. He did only amazing things that Jedi, that Kanan was only able to do.

“So, you going to train that boy or what?” Hera grinned like she knew the answer already. 

And not for the first time did Sabine wonder if Hera was a Jedi too. 

The kid was a Jedi too.

And now Sabine had two Jedi of her own; a buir and a vod’ika.

She would be damned if anything happened to her Jedi.

She raised hell when the Protectors shot down Hera. She blew up so many Imperials when Kanan was captured. Sabine’s blood boiled when Fulcrum showed her face and gave them her name: Ahsoka. 

Aunt Bo had a daughter named Ahsoka, a daughter who died.

“Did you know Bo-Katan Kryze?” Sabine asked once Hera got him and Ezra to the medic.

“I knew her once. Our paths crossed and then never again.” 

“Did you ever call or talk to her?” Sabine asked.

“I didn’t think I was welcome on Mandalore.” Ahsoka said. “Jedi and Mandalorians, we’ve never gotten along in the thousands of years we have lived. It was only because of a common enemy that we were even able to tolerate each other.” 

“I don’t understand…” all her life, Sabine was told how once there were many Jedi, then there was a war that wiped them out and their numbers never recovered. Once there were millions, then ten thousands, then just Kanan and Ezra. Now Ahsoka. 

Did Ahsoka know that Bo-Katan whispered her name in remembrance? That Bo-Katan wanted her daughter back?

Did Ahsoka even know she was adopted?

“What you have with Kanan and Ezra, that is rare. In another galaxy, you would have been enemies, you would have been sent to hunt them.” 

Then Ahsoka was gone.

Sabine would never hunt her family. Never. She would keep them close and protect them. 

Perhaps if Sabine returned to Mandalore with Ahsoka, she would be forgiven? No. She couldn’t think that. No matter how much she wanted to prove to her family she wasn’t dar’manda, she couldn’t. 

She would just have to settle with protecting her Jedi.

But she couldn’t even do that. 

Ahsoka, Kanan, and Ezra went to Malachor V; the planet Clan Ordo spoke about the most in their stories, how their ancestor united the clans after being appointed by Revan the Butcher, the Jedi who united the two warring people. 

Only Kanan and Ezra came back.

Ahsoka was dead.

For real this time. 

Perhaps it was kinder to not tell Bo-Katan about Ahsoka, perhaps it’s kinder to let her think Ahsoka died 17 years ago.

Sabine worried about bringing Kanan and Ezra with her to Concord Dawn.

She worried about what the Mandalorians would do to her Jedi.

“Well, maybe things have changed? They might be happy to see you.” Ezra tried to comfort her.

“You don’t know my family.” Sabine said.

Sabine maneuvered the Phantom into a controlled crash landing. 

Sabine stood in front of her Jedi protectively as her family landed in front of them. 

She groaned as they brought out their blasters. 

“Ezra…” Sabine warned but Ezra already stood in front of her with his saber drawn. 

Sabine could hear the awed comments from her cousins about the “cute Jedi” with her. At least Kanan and Ezra didn’t speak Mando’a.




“Who are the Jedi?” He stared at Sabine’s Jedi.

“Family.” Sabine hissed.

The entire walk to Krownest, Sabine had to bite her tongue at the things her House said about the Jedi. Thank Ka’ra neither Kanan nor Ezra spoke Mando’a.

Maybe Sabine could bring Hera back here and let her at her cousins with the Darksaber?

“Sabine Wren.” Ursa stood upon the staircase. 

“Mother,” Sabine held aloft the Darksaber. “We need to talk.” 

Ursa’s eyes went wide with shock.

“Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, my mother: Countess Ursa Wren.” Sabine said. 

“Hi!” Ezra waved.

“Sabine brought home Jedi. I call dibs on the Jedi. The baby could use another parent.” Apus Wren stared at Kanan.

“Kanan already swore the marriage vows to another! And back off they’re my Jedi!” Sabine snapped. 

“Your Jedi? Sabine, unless you are married to either of them, they are up for grabs.” Tristan said.

“Kanan is my buir and Ezra is my little brother. They are mine!” Sabine snarled.

Ursa stared at Kanan and Sabine knew she was wondering what he did to deserve the Jaig Eyes. 

“I will tolerate their presence.” Ursa said. “We will not touch your Jedi. For now.” 

How could everything go wrong? 


Ursa watched as Sabine was kicked in the chest across the ice. 

She was proud of her daughter. 

Her daughter was a fighter. 

Her daughter was a scrapper. 

Her daughter… those moves… that stance… 

Her daughter… Sabine was Jedi. 

“No! By Mandalorian custom and law, no one can interfere.” Ursa pulled the Jedi boy back. 

“Are your customs more important than the life of our daughter?” The blind Jedi snapped.

Our. He said our. Sabine was his daughter just as much as she was Ursa’s. 

Sabine was Jedi just as she was Mandalorian. 

“YIELD!” Sabine held the two sabers to Saxon’s throat.  

Sabine said something else to Saxon that Ursa couldn’t hear. 

“Die Jetii!” 

Ursa shot. 

No one threatens a Mandalorian’s Jedi. 

No one threatens Ursa’s little Bird.