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Under the moons light

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Sun Wukong had watched his subjects as they prepared for what is to come, the flower-fruit demon monkeys were hard at work in training and creating weapons to go against the celestial adversities that wronged their king.

With an irritated swish of the king’s tail did he conclude that his people would still not ready to fight, and quite possibly lose their lives in the siege in the process – the ones who he could not ease their names from the book of death would perish.

He was an impulsive king, but the risk to his people is not a matter he would consider so foolishly – they were stronger and more combat ready than they once were but not to the level to take out the celestial horde that will come for him and his people.

As loathe as the king was to admit it, he may need to call in a few favours of his demonic peers – finding demons wanting to attack heaven and the jade emperor would be easy, the hard part would be convincing they fight alongside him.

He had to find someone as impulsive, borderline crazy – a demon and his troop that were more battle driven than his own troop fat with fruit and endless springtime. Sun Wukong snapped his fingers as he had a literal lightbulb moment, at the same time as the small monkey attempted to lift the impressive iron wrought sword only for them once lifted in triumph, only to fall backwards with a loud thud (the spectators scattering in abject terror).

That did not matter though, because the Monkey King had someone come to mind that was due for a large favour to call on – Sun Wukong took one lingering glance back to his troop before summoning a cloud to leap on, zooming off though the brisk air to his pictured destination in his mind’s eye.

Wukong reached the barren mountain side that was home to the constantly smoking iron works of the kingdom of the baboon demons – renowned for their refinery and use of manufacturing to make better and bigger weapons, even finding a way to harness gunpowder to make devastating projectiles that made surrounding humans fear them enough to offer up their own fruits of their labour to the fearsome monkey tribe that lived in the hills.

Wukong found himself covering his face and coughing as he flew over one of the smelting furnaces that burned below, the rocky landscape of the Baboons abode was almost devoid of the vibrant green and life that Wukong loved on Flower-Fruit Mountain – a desolate place that no living thing, be it mortal or demon should call home.

The monkey king had to hand it to the king of this rocky fortress built into the mountainside, making use of the lack of resources with ingenuity and sheer determination to make this mountain home for himself and his subjects. The palace walls of the other, had been craved beautifully in the mineral rich rock, the jewels and other fanciful rocks had made the black palace glint so prettily in the setting sun – if it were the morning light that hit the onyx and jewels, Wukong would surely have been blinded by the glare.

Wukong landed in the village square, the baboons were similar enough to his own monkey’s but they seemed to mimic the colouring of the mountain in dusty hues of grey, brown, and black with ash dusting their fur while the flower fruit monkeys were a range of whites, chestnuts, and auburn – his own colouring and long tail made the almost canine muzzled monkey’s look at the newcomer curiously.

Unlike his own troop, whom he did not care if they chose to wear clothes or not – the baboons seemed to all wear a similar in style green dyed changshan and hanfu, besides the young infants that played with their mother’s skirts or wore a simple apron.

The monkey king smiled at the sight, but stilling as a squadron of heavily armoured baboons stepped forward in jade tinted armour making the sweet families scatter and drag their curious children away- hand reaching wearily to the hip where their blade lay sheathed at the strange monkey that seemingly dropped from the sky.

“Halt! State your business.” The guard bellowed, bamboo hat shadowing his face.

“I am here to seek audience with your King.” Sun Wukong bowed politely to the stern guard, “I am Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Flower-Fruit Mountain.”

The guards looked between themselves for a moment, muttering between themselves with their own distinct dialect.

“Stand down men.” A voice bellowed behind the others, the other jolting to attention as an older baboon emerged – his armour and helmet with pheasant feathers seemed to denote him as captain and Wukong immediately recognised the low drawl of the other.

“Yulong.” Wukong breathed out, the other chuckled as he removed his helmet.

“Good to see you too, Sun Wukong.” Yulong said, a greying baboon with a silverly mane that showed his age greatly against the immortal monkey, “You look good for an old man.”

“Same to you.” Wukong chuckled.

“Sir, he is an outsider – and the infamous Monkey King…” The young guard began to interject only for the older one to shoot him a glare.

“He is no outsider; he is a cherished ally – the king would be pleased to see an old friend.” Yulong waved the other off,” Come, I will announce you to his court.”

The other stride forward to clasp the others forearm as he almost started to drag the other up the path that led up to the glittering palace.

Wukong looked appreciatively at the hardworking baboons – some of the women were tending to the bellows that stoked the fire, a few of them taking a much-needed break by fanning themselves and chatting amongst themselves while drinking water from an iron ladle. One even deciding that an even quicker solution would be pouring it over her head and soaking her hanfu, much to the lewd cheers of the watching males – a sour looking older woman who was serving them tea in the local teahouse promptly slapped the back of their heads with her empty tray making them flinch and cry out.

“It has been a few years since you graced our mountain with your presence.” Yulong stated, breaking the King’s curious observations.

“I have to say, it is quite impressive.” Sun Wukong admitted, “You’ve made all of this out of nothing -big change from tents and stone tipped spears.”

“Yes, in the beginning it was hard – we are not as blessed as your troop with the abundant resources on the surface.” Yulong said proudly, stilling his walk to the palace to observe the troop to work diligently in creating and manufacturing – the putid smell of the tannery mixed with the eye-watering smoke of the constantly burning fires, reminding them of the mountains innards as a dormant volcano.

“But with our Kings genius mind – he has found a way to mine the resources buried down in the earth’s crust, even harnessing a way to use mortal made gunpower in weapons.” Yulong gushed happily, “The head weapon smith is trialling designs as we speak – I’m certain the king would be thrilled to show you them.”

“Always thought the demon king of confusion was a mad one.” Wukong muttered lowly, feeling a tad self-conscious about his own troop with how behind the times they were compared to this industrial powerhouse.

“A mad genius you mean.” Yulong exclaimed loyally but then continuing in a more sombre tone, “Even more so with the aid of his muse, his consort...”

“DKC has a consort?!” Wukong said aghast and surprised.

“Well yes, he is a king after all – Monkey King do you not have a mate to rule alongside with?” the grey maned baboon answered back as easily.

“Ah…haven’t found the right one, you know.” The Monkey King said awkwardly – flushing a tad embarrassed more so with how behind he was compared to the king. Almost feeling ashamed for wanting to ask the other the favour of lending him his military might.

“There is no shame in it – I haven’t settled down either.” The other consoled poorly.

“So, his ‘muse’…what are they like?” Wukong began.

“…” Yulong didn’t answer immediately but with the slight furrow of his brows betrayed a lot to the other monkey, “He is a foreign monkey, from the distant lands of night and shadow – the king had always enjoyed the company of the unusual and beautiful.”

Yulong did not like or did not trust the King’s muse it seemed – perhaps a mix of both.

Wukong arched a brow at Yulong at that odd statement but as the other continued, “The King made his choice, for reasons he has no need to disclose to his underlings or troop.”

“So…an unusual monkey appeared and the king made him his consort – above all other baboons in his harem?” Sun Wukong echoed lowly back to the other, the grey maned baboon looked warily around as though he was afraid to be overheard and someone taking offense to what he said.

“…” Yulong did not answer the other, but offered a small shrug – not outwardly saying how odd it was for the king who was more interested in his inventions and crafts then the typical court life of settling down with an mate.

Perhaps the baboon king got lonely, Sun Wukong knew that feeling – but the DKC was not one to deny his carnal urges, even in the past when Sun Wukong fought alongside the other; the other had many of his harem to tend to him, or even entertain him on the feasts after a great battle.

He was never lacking in company of bedfellows with his charm and wit – but Wukong could only imagine the obvious favouritism from the king to an outsider would not have gone down well with the existing ladies of court. Sun Wukong pondered if the Baboon king was aware of how his concubines might take it, or if they kept it a private matter amongst themselves.

With what was unspoken from Yulong, the monkey king of flower-fruit mountain had assumed that the sentiment was shared by others as well.  Sun Wukong was thankful he did not have this messy court life to deal with – it is best to leave it to the mortals and other demons.

They continued in relative silence though the streets, the clustered homes and businesses seemed to drop away from the hill – making way for a neat and well-maintained rock garden, the huge door carved out of solid jade that was the only entrance though the inner sanctum with two as equally stern looking palace guards.

At the sight of the captain, they bowed politely and with great strength pushed upon the impressive doors revealing the surprisingly green courtyard which reminded Sun Wukong of his own mountain top briefly however after a curious re-exam of the lively garden, the green was carved jade and the winding trunks and branches was swirling tiger eye.

Even a baboon made peach tree and blossoms that lined the neat path that cut though the garden that led up to the palace and the wooden steps – in allusion to the peach grove of the heavens above but rather than the ripe fruit, beautifully carved peaches were created from glossy peach moonstones* in branches of tiger eye that mimicked the swirls of the tree knots, nestled in the clusters of jade leaves. The steams of the peaches were created with lines of silver – the dew was droplets of gold.

Sun Wukong could not help but admire the workmanship – but to his own personal tastes it was a little too much.

“This is the Kings private garden; he recently added a crescent moon pond in honour of his consort.” Yulong said, gesturing to a crescent shaped pond, the water that filled it was sheets of glittering sapphire with jewel carps carved in realistic poses – as they broke the surface, causing ripples with the glittering lotus bejewelled on the surface.

As the ‘pond’ was crescent shape, on the land that curved out that was in perfect viewing distance of the many carved details was an onyx stone bench with black cushions, the bench and pond was loomed over by a sliver trunked weeping willow – the leaves were tear drops of crystals on strands of silver chains or thread. Sun Wukong could imagine an ornate noble demon sitting there, half hidden by the curtain of wealth that the DKC had so readily demanded his artisans and metal worker to create a place that was fitting for the creature he held in such high regard.

“And behind that was the flowers he carved for his concubines in his harem.” Sun Wukong was directed to the smaller tributes, many but much smaller, lovely but not as over the top as the pond – obvious favouritism of the smitten king would ruffle many of the court ladies’ fur, daughters, sisters, and friends of those outside the palace walls would spread the bitterness far and wide.

“Pretty flowers, like his pretty concubines – shame some have such vile mouths.” A cool voice whispered above the captain and the monkey king, making the other look up in a panic as another monkey leaped off the roof, and diving into his shadow before raising out like it was nothing but an rippling puddle – smoky in appearance with black and red highlights, a crimson mask hiding his features.

“Savage…” Yulong growled lowly at the other monkey, not a baboon with his long swishing tail like Wukong’s and the side of his head showed off an odd feature of 4 ears – 2 on each side.

“Greetings captain and… esteemed guest” Savage gave the other a once over with his glowing amethyst eyes, “I was completing my daily stroll when I smelled a stranger so I thought I would pop up and investigate.”

“A daily stroll? The guards had noticed you lurking in the shadows!” Yulong bellowed, “You may have an exalted position because of the king’s consort, but I look after the law and order in Iron Ore Mountain - patrolling is not needed; you and your sister are requested to not leave the palace again.” Yulong huffed visibly agitated at the others mere presence, “My men are enough.”

Savage scoffed at that before circling the baboon, the other baring his teeth in attempt to intimidate the other monkey – the other did not care at all with how he still encroached in the others space.

“Hardly, your men do not care for my master – if it were not for me and my sister, the consort of your king – would’ve been assassinated due to your sheer incompetence.” Savage sneered at the baboon, hand reaching to his side as the baboon did the same.

Sun Wukong stepped forward, between both the captain and the strange monkey that smelled of heady incense and smoke – Savage looked almost surprised by the action of the other and stepped back from the other monkey.

“Apologies Captain and Guest – I spoke out rashly.” Savage bowed his head politely enough, “Our master is very dear to me and my sister, I cannot stand the thought of losing him or harm befalling him.”

Savage pointedly stared at the golden furred monkey for longer than he needed.

“…” Sun Wukong held his tongue in the exchange.

“Just stay in the palace.” Yulong hissed out to the other patience worn thin and mood ruined, “You’ll scare the cubs.”

The baboon gestured for the other monkey to continue to follow him, pulling him down the path as the shadowy monkey watched them go with his unblinking gaze. As they were pulled away and out of view did Savage side step and turn on his heel, only to have his twin rise in his own casted shadow - standing in his former place.

“He is handsome.” His twin sighed, “It’s very rare to encounter a male specimen that I love to see coming and leaving….” She swished her tail in playful interest, ‘” I would love to tangle my tail with his…”

“Rumble, he is off the table – the master requested us to survey and report any changes in the town” Savage hummed, casting a sidelong glance to his sister – her eyes blooming lavender compared with his darker amethyst eyes.

“I know, our master gets first dibs... but a girl can dream, can’t she?” Rumble pouted, “As soon as he landed, I had been following him and our dear captain.”

“Were you noticed?”

“No, what do you take me for brother?” Rumble drawled, “A failure like you?”

Savage growled at the other but the other flicked her longer mane of fur – her 2 sets of ears flicking and showing a range of piercings that were gifts of earth’s crust from their beloved master.

“The captain obviously noticed you sneaking around, you are as subtle as a sword to the gut.” She said, the other growling in frustration, “You need to work on your stealth.”

“I hate this mountain – I miss the shadows; I miss our homeland.” Savage snarled, stomping off to stare at the unmoving pond, “This is just a gilded cage, we are squawking birds for the entertainment of idiots and the thought of our master allowing that baboon to lay with him nightly…I am nearing the end of my rope sister”

He stared at his unmoving reflection in the sapphire, hands clenched in fury – the other demon sided towards him, cooing at her brother gently till he visibly calmed down.

“I dislike this place too, but I trust our Master – soon our suffering will end.” Rumble consoled the other gently, “When this will all be our Masters, we will live as we deserve.”

She gave the other side hug as both dropped though the shadow portal that opened below them as they escaped the garden.


Please leave a comment and kudos. this is it's own stand alone story, exploring more so the DKC and other demon monkey

*Peach moonstone – it is a real thing 😊

*Both Savage and Rumble – canonically I know they are just shadow clones of Macaque but in this they are their own shadow monkey demons like Macaque too, still his henchmen, both his eyes and ears around Iron Ore Mountain. Like canon Macaque, they sure like scheming…Also their voices and mannerisms I imagine to be like Zuko and Azula from the Last Airbender.

*Demon King of Confusion – in tjttw he was one of the first enemies that attacked flower fruit mountain (he is never described as a baboon – I just like having him as another type of demon monkey). Iron Ore Mountain is very similar to the Iron Town in Princess Mononoke – Iron Ore Mountain is rich in mineral resources but is poor in everything else, making use of trade and even bullying local human communities to get the food they need to sustain their population.

He was described to be larger in size to Wukong, with green robes (armour) and a large sword (so I imagine he is an expert swordsman) – Wukong originally overpowered him by convincing him to fight him without the weapon and summoning clones to attack him. He is considered a genius military strategist and an innovator of sorts – but he also known for erratic and even mad behaviour by other demons. 

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Wukong was again amazed by the others show of wealth as he entered the throne room with an high ceiling – the larger baboon sat on the mat as he paid no heed to the performances of brightly coloured ribbon dancers as well as being hard at work on a large scroll, scratching with ink on the parchment, matching his strokes with the dancers leaps and twirls – a flurry of streaks of colour while the band played the erhu*, pipa* and dizi* in an beautiful combination of sounds that echoed in the amazing hall lined with ivory pillars with lines of jade that glinted in the light.

His harem full of concubines sat happily by his side, some nursing infants to their exposed breast while some were showing signs of pregnancy – the show more so for their benefit than anything else while the king was busy with court life.

And it appeared to have taken a toll on the king, his hands had a slight tremble as he wrote and his once pristine mane of ebony hairs had streaks of white and grey running though it – making Sun Wukong painfully aware on while his time had stilled for him, the others around him still had times arrow still marching forward.

But the other was assured in his power continuing as his blood and magic run though his cubs’ bodies – even more odd how the other seemed to pick another that was not of his mountain to be his consort rather than one of his concubines, even if they bore him a male heir. Wukong looked around curiously for the other that caught the other kings attention so but there was only the stressed and muttering advisers.

The DKC looked up from his work briefly – upon seeing his captain and the golden monkey in his throne room, he stood, towering over his own chatting advisors.

“My liege – Sun Wukong has requested an audience with you.” Yulong bellowed, bowing deeply to the imposing baboon – while still bowing he retreated where they entered to leave the kings to discuss.

“Sun Wukong…” DKC bellowed lowly, stepping over his table as he approached the other slowly – his jade armour was no where in sight but was replaced with a comfortable green coloured changshan with his ornate iron wrought sword still on his person.

“Demon King of Confusion – it has been a long time!” Wukong called happily though faltering at the others tone.

“You have a lot of nerve coming to my mountain…” DKC continued, hand clenched at his side as he stomped closer.

“Um…” Wukong began warily – stepping back.

“Unannounced…” DKC continued till he loomed over the golden monkey – his eyes blazing like the fire in the smelting furnaces lower on the mountain.

“…” Wukong looked ready to leap away in case the other was about to attempt to land a punch, but the bigger monkey swooped down a lot faster than the immortal monkey was expecting in a back popping bear hug taking the other monkey by surprise.

“We haven’t even planned anything, my friend!” DKC continued mournfully, “We had no grand feast planned, or a guest room made up in one of the palaces wings.”

“Good to see you too, buddy.” Sun Wukong huffed, as he struggled to pat the others shoulder.

The baboon finally brought the other down gently on the ground, as he was whisked in fount of the still standing advisors and courtiers – the curious and judging expressions made Wukong’s skin crawl as disagreeable whispering of some of the concubines.

Wukong did not understand it but the sharp snarl from the king as he had overheard proved they were anything but kind – the harem looked collectively ashamed at the others disapproval.

“Forgive them, they mean no ill – most of my concubines are weary of strangers and are spoiled in my fondness of them that they sometimes forget their place…” DKC said pointedly to one of the loudest murmurers, she stood – brushing down her hanfu, visibly upset and grabbing one of the curious cubs that was playing with her skirts.

She walked out, another followed with puffy red eyes and rest followed – mostly upset as their entertainment had ceased for the night.

An awkwardness befell the room, the performers shuffled their way out too - sensing the shift in mood wisely.

“I took no offense; I didn’t even understand them…” Wukong said, feeling a little bad at being the cause of whatever had transpired.

“But I did, what good of a host would I have been if I let my harem speak ill behind my friends back.” DKC continued, “Sometimes you have to be stern with your harem, Wukong – surely you must set the line for your own to follow or it would be simply anarchy?”

Wukong did not have a chance to advise, that no – he did not have a harem of his own as one of the hunched over advisers spoke warily.

“They are naturally displeased sire.” He offered plain and simple, the others looked a tad frightened the eldest of them spoke what was on all their minds – one looked ready to faint.

“What do they have to be displeased about?” DKC growled lowly, tensely.

“It is the matter of your newest consort…” He continued.

“What of him…?” The defensive snap in his tone proved this was a discussion that had been had before, they chittered amongst themselves - not looking their king in his eyes.

“It is odd…not that there is anything wrong with your decision sire. " The other said quickly, in an attempt to lessen the others rising anger and how his hackles raised - fangs long and dangerous to behold, "But Lin was your oldest concubine, and she had born you a healthy son – it is usually customary to make her the  head consort and mistress of Iron Ore Mountain.”

“When have I done anything ‘customary’?” DKC snarled, before wincing – hand reaching to head in a motion as though in pain.

“Sire?” One of them whispered, as he was waved off annoyed.

“This inane conversation is giving me a headache – have the cooks prepare a feast for tonight in honour of our guest and prepare a room for him.” He rubbed the bridge of his nose, "And have a pot of herbal tea sent to my chambers later."

“I need to speak to you about – “Wukong started – he felt he had ultimately intruded on a complicated court matter and was not willing to stay.

“I am not in the best state of mind now – these blasted headaches have plagued and ravaged me greatly, we shall talk in our later merriments” DKC clapped his shoulder fondly, the imposing king righted himself, and it was only the remaining grimace on his face that showcased his pain as he strode away presumably to his quarters.

“Has the doctor advised of what the cause is?” One of the advisors muttered to one of the others as they gathered up the scrolls.

“They have not.” The other whispered back but spitting the next line, "He doesn't even see the doctor without that whore shadow by his side.." only just noticing the golden stone monkey still standing there – making the other chirp sharply as they continued to mutter amongst themselves in their own tongue, it was just like Wukong as he conversed with his own subjects.

“Apologies – I am Xiao, keeper of the kings’ records.” The one who picked up the scrolls spoke as the other two elders made no move to introduce themselves as they left as well, still muttering between themselves. Abandoning the youngest with the Monkey King as they made themselves scarce, he was well-groomed and cut mane, his grey fur seemed to be spotted with ink and his own fingers blackened in his own writing.

“Does he get headaches like that often?” Sun Wukong asked concerned, causing the other to splutter a little.

“Our king is under a lot of stress at the moment – he is a perfectionist and demands the best out of himself and his subjects.” Xiao said - clutching the scrolls as though his young life depended on it, “No need to concern yourself, a rest and his tea usually fixes him right up.”

Wukong tried to grin at the other, to remove the concern that lingered on his face.

“Come – I will show you the wing you will be staying in, same as the Kings.” Xiao said cheerfully as he gestured as best as he could with the armful of scrolls down the same hall, he saw DKC go down through.

(NSFW scene ahoy – voyeurism and not proven ways to deal with migraines at all…)

Demon King of Confusion stumbled though his chambers door – stilling himself by the ornate furniture with ivory inlays, clutching the corner of the wooden furniture till his knuckles turned white and almost cracking the wood under his grip.

In his rush to his chambers – he had left the door slightly ajar.

Colours and spots flashed behind his eyes as he clenched them tight as he fought though his episode, the bile raising at the back of his throat only to still as the gentle arms wrapped around his middle and an appreciative purr of the smaller being as his long black tail curled around his thigh.

“Mihou…” DKC sighed breathily, feeling almost a little better in the others company – the scent of intoxicating plum wine flooding his senses.

“Are you having another episode, my king?” The dark furred monkey, disappeared from the others back only to reappear from the shadows to bury himself in the others broad chest, his own robes were barely being held together with the sash for his robe and one billowing sleeve completely falling off his shoulder, showcasing his slighter build in comparison with the baboon.

"You hid yourself away again." The king whispered softly, "I do love it when you emerge from the shadows."

"The whispers of court are like screeches of banshees to me..."Was all the other said, "I loathe the annoying noise."

The shadows monkeys’ hands dragged through the fur and pushing between the others layers and pressing closer to the other.

“Let me make you feel better…” Liu Er Mihou purred, the larger king was gently tugged to the bed in the already darkened room that was a blessing to the kings’ spots of hot colour that continued to flash behind his eyeballs. With all the others might, he did not resist as he felt the back of his knees hit the bed nor did he stop the other push him down on the bed as his legs dangled off the bed with his feet flat against the floor as the shadow monkey stood between his legs with his tail swishing side to side in a playful manner as the violet shadows danced in those eyes that any jewel fell short of replicating.

And the DKC tried.

“That gaze – you bought down this king to his knees with that gaze…” DKC huffed, his arm flung over his still throbbing eyes - the same burning gaze the other gave him the year prior when they met for the first time.

His military campaign stretched to the farthest reaches of the land – the land of night and shadows was filled with monsters and beasts most foul; his men were slain horrifically by the unknown shadow beasts but that is when the monkey with his 6- ears and his two companions with 4- ears leapt down in defence of the weakened and alone king.

They took him to refuge to their own simple abode, a former theatre and pleasure house – he found that blight had stripped the land bare and their own kind had scattered to the wind, The demon king of confusion had lost a great deal of his troop in this unsuccessful campaign and sympathised with the nomadic monkeys as they must have spent many years without a troop of their own.

The shadow monkey had grieved with him as he sobbed the loss of his friends and allies – allowed the king to seek comfort in his arms and body when the tears ceased, something that made the king feel alive again was found in that shade.

“And I will not stop until I bring down his kingdom…” Liu Er Mihou answered back playfully but there was such a dark tone that lingered, the other king did not notice as he was too distracted by the hands massaging his thighs that then pressed them further apart as he knelt between his legs - to start his own cure for what ails the king.

Wukong found himself pacing in his chambers – the room was nice enough he supposed but the whole small room he found stifling, he had begun to feel that this was too much trouble for what it was worth.  But he only knew that Demon King of Confusion that would be mad enough to agree to take on heaven with him – but the other had a mate to convince too now.

He picked up a peach from the bowl of fruit that had been left (the fruit was not as sweet here), considering it for a moment before deciding it is best for him to get it over with – to pull off the bandage so to speak. He returned the blushing fruit back in the bowl, and turned to exit his room – considering that it was rude to enter the room of the other without permission, especially when he was feeling unwell.

The largest and most ornate door signalled the King’s chambers, so the other made a beeline to the door to knock only to freeze as he noticed the door slightly ajar – the soft sound of the king groaning in a way that most certainly did not sound like he was in pain, Wukong looked curiously but found himself frozen as his face exploded in a flush that burned his cheeks and ears.

The other was slumped in bed with his arm flung over his eyes, the steady rise and fall of his chest was seen as his robe was opened completely – his legs spread open but not displaying his manhood at all, because of the worshipping figure between his thighs that currently had his mouth around it.

The dark furred monkey was not a baboon, but like Savage that made himself known to the king of flower fruit monkey and the captain of the guard – but the other was not as broad as the other shadow monkey and rather than the 4-ears he had colourful 6-ears that reminded the king of peony petals in an unfurling bud.

This must be the others consort.

The dark furred one bobbed his head up and down greedily on the others length, the movement of the other had surely dislodged both sleeves – the sash still in place, keeping the others modesty in such an immodest act.

For ease of movement, he had completely removed his arms from the billowing sleeves as he held the thighs in a tight grip as he used it to anchor himself as he pulled his mouth off the flesh with a lewd pop, saliva stringing from his mouth to the weeping head – admiring the beading of pre-come that dribbled out before he returned to sheathing the others cock in his mouth.

DKC choked back a sob at the sudden return to warmth and the gentle pressure, with the gentle scraping of his teeth against the sensitive flesh.

Wukong knew he should turn away, to give the lover privacy, but he could not rip his gaze away from the others movements. With the bowed neck and spine – perfect for tracing the others bumps of his spine, or holding the others head in place as he was used so utterly.

The jealous, feral monkey brain of the Monkey King railed furiously against the multiple newer and older scarring at the juncture of the others shoulder and neck – the urge to make his own marks to cover up the others.

Wukong felt his own loins heat at the increasingly lewd, wet noises that filled the room, it was being echoed in the empty hallway and echoing all around the monkey king as the baboon's subjects knew not to loiter in the hallways when the other had his headaches.

DKC was getting more desperate as the other continued to deep throat the other, his moans increasing in intensity as he began to rut into the others mouth – Wukong bit his own lip as he continued to watch the other between the kings’ thighs, his own hand trailing down to his own clothed crotch as the pants lacings felt quite tight against his beginning of an erection.

Shame burned his face at the primal urge of taking himself in his hand at such a display, an old friend and his consort entwined in such an intimate act – he pressed a hand against his traitorous member, the pressure made him bite back a whine.

The others’ petal like ears twitched at the sound but did not turn or still his own mission to bring his own king to pleasure – unknowingly (or knowingly) bringing pleasure to two kings with such an act. The other thrust up, his impressive length taking the by surprise as his throat spasmed around him one last time as he finally came.

Wukong felt his claws catch into the meat of his palm as he tried to stop the pitiful noise escaping him – the inside of his pants and in particular his crotch become wet and hot against the palm that was pressed against it. Coming like a young male in his first mating season – it was frankly embarrassing, with how strong the others own smell of sex was hopefully that indiscretion was not noticed in the aftermath.

The other stayed on the twitching flesh, till he was finally finished – the others white spend, the excess had escaped the corners of his mouth while he swallowed the rest. The bedridden demon struggled to catch his breath, the mind-blowing orgasm he had distracted him enough from the throbbing pain in his skull and behind his eyes at least.

The others consort pulled his mouth off the others now limp member with an audible pop, it flopped against the cushion of his balls as the other stepped away almost too casually for what he just did in not even mid-afternoon – turning his head slightly to the ajar door.

He gave the Monkey King a side long glance, violet eyes flashing. The other made no move to wipe away the mess dripping down his chin but he only gave that ruinous look to the spying golden monkey – a sly smirk twitching on his handsome, messy face as he twirled his finger in the air, the shadows gently closing the door with a click and hiding them from view once again.

Wukong stared at the closed door, shellshocked, aroused and uncertain what exactly happened – but certainly feeling he was being roped into a dangerous game he did not know the rules for yet.


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Honestly, I think Wukong should just take his chances and leave without the army – because this is going to become incredibly messy that he may welcome the heavens try to destroy him. But that is boring, and I am the author so…let us get messy (and most likely sticky lol)

*Chinese instruments that sound pretty – the Beauty Song (jia ren qu)- house of flying daggers, I had been listening to it non-stop. Pipa - Chinese guitar/lute, Erhu - Chinese violin/fiddle, and Dizi - Chinese flute.

The English lyrics are,

rare beauty in the North...

She is the finest lady on earth

 A glance from her, the city falls

 A second glance leaves the whole nation in ruins

There is no city or nation that has been

 More cherished than a beauty like this

The above may or may not be part of Macaque’s characterisation in the story lol a unique beauty that will bring an entire nation to ruin – a homme fatale (I just found out this is the term for the male version of a femme fatale…you’re welcome.)