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A night at the opera

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Sun Wukong saw the posters up around the streets, figures in ornate stage costumes and pristine makeup – the lead female lead had her face obscured by the open fan as a laughing demonic king seemed to be the antagonist.

The posters seemed to follow him through the streets, wearing his typical street clothes as he decided to drop a kid a visit.

“Hey, Pigsy – what’s with the posters?”

“The posters?” Pigsy muttered, as though he only just noticed the posters – glared at the man that sat there innocently with the steam of his noodles fogging up his glasses.

“I said they could hang them up.” Tang said cheerfully, slurping the noodles down happily - not even stilling to wipe his glasses.

“But Tang, this is my shop!” Pigsy snapped, waving his ladle around in agitated motions, “You can’t just do these things without asking me first.”

“Oh Pigsy, Pigsy – imagine all the extra bowls of noodles you will sell to all the hungry play goers.”

“…” Pigsy snorted, “Fine.” He was irritated but returned to his cooking.

“He is thrilled to be supporting the arts.”

“I’m thrilled to support them, if they support my back pocket!”

“Yeah, the arts…”

“You familiar with the play?”

“Yeah, this is pretty classic stuff…” Wukong flushed at the knowing smirk from the monk, “Not that I like that type of stuff – sword fighting and duels are more my speed, I would fall asleep if I went to any of these things back in the day.”

“Yes, I have heard great things about the troupe – quite talented, bringing the older classics to the newer generation.” Tang continued, “The lead for the princess is quite pretty.”

“Is that right?” Wukong hummed, shame they didn’t show her face on the poster then. He guessed the pull of the mystery would assist in filling seats as well.

“The story is the typical romantic drama – princess what’s her face, gets kidnapped by a demon leaving the hero to save them.” Pigsy waved his hand dismissively, “Same old, same old.”

“Oh Pigsy, it is much more than that…” Tang sighed.

“Really?” Pigsy snorted, “I doubt it.”

“It is a tragic story of a downtrodden hero proving himself over and over again to a princess that would always be out of reach, but does he let it get him down?” Tang said, “NO, he keeps fighting for his love even though it would mean his untimely death by the demon.”

“A princess being kidnapped by a demon – now that does sound like a familiar tale.” The Monkey king thought back to his own quest in the past, every fight with a demon almost seemed like it was due to a fair human being kidnapped.

“I suppose you would’ve lived through quite a few similar stories.” Tang muttered.

“I guess, though I didn’t run into many lovesick young lovers – it was more so annoyed husbands and fathers wanting their wife or child back.” Wukong shrugged, “Truth be told, some of those ladies I think wanted to run away.”

Mk at that moment run down the stairs, looking surprised at the sight of his mentor who raised a paw in greeting.

“Oh Wukong, you’re here?” Mk muttered.

“Yeah, thought I would visit my favourite student.” Monkey king said, turning his gaze away from the poster and to the boy who looked…oddly nice? His clothes were not the typical clothes he wore for delivery but a fitted shirt and a pair of jeans, even his hair had been pulled back instead of the usually bandana pushing up the spikes.

“What’s with that get up?” Wukong pointed at the buttoned up clothes.

“Oh. Oh, does it look okay?” Mk asked self-consciously looking down.

“I guess…?” Wukong shrugged.

“You look very nice.” Tang grinned.

“Hm…you look acceptable for once.” Pigsy grunted.

“Great!” Mk said, tugging at his buttoned-up shirt subconsciously - cheeks flushing a little with a flustered smile.

“Do you want to go to the arcade, or something – flower fruit mountain has gotten a little boring lately.” Sun Wukong said, deciding to balance on his tail while grinning at the boy happily.

“Um…perhaps not today.” Mk refused gently, cheeks tinging pink as he rubbed the back of his neck in discomfort.

“Doesn’t have to be the arcade, anything you want to do – playing charades with the monkey’s is driving me up the wall, they keep picking damn artsy films!” Wukong said annoyed, “How in the heavens am I supposed to know ‘Shape of Water’!?”

“Monkey King, I already had plans…” Mk shook the other from his triad.

“Oh, you and Mei are doing something?” Wukong continued, “I haven’t seen her for ages – “

“No, it is not with Mei and it is just with…another person, only just them.” Mk said a bit more sternly, clearing his throat as his voice cracked in nervousness – face as blushed as a peach.

Oh? Wukong blinked owlishly at the other, not getting the problem – bouncing on his tail gently.

Oh! It finally clicked for the monkey king.

“O-ho, sounds like a date!” Wukong teased, with how red his successor turned proved he hit the nail on the head. Springing back on his feet, grabbing the smaller boys’ shoulders.

“Well…um…” Mk mumbled, still very embarrassed.

“Don’t worry about it kid – we’ll raincheck the arcade, you have fun today.” Wukong called cheerfully, pretty much pushing the boy out of the door, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“Just don’t do anything he would do.” Pigsy drawled lowly, making the monkey king splutter in offense.

“You have fun.” Tang waved at Mk happily.

MK grinned at the others in their own approving looks before leaving the shop to drive off for his date.

“So…you guys up for anything?” Wukong turned to Pigsy and Tang, hopefully.

“Working” Pigsy grunted, but the monkey was certain the offer would’ve been refused anyway if he wasn’t working.

“I am quite content here, thank you for the offer though.” Tang politely declined the offer, Pigsy looked all most pleased with the monk’s response. Wukong sighed, mentally preparing himself for another day of monopoly or charades with his subjects – the overt curling of the opera’s title, the foiled gold glinting in the sunlight on the poster caught his eyes again.

“Perhaps you can entertain yourself with some ‘culture’” Pigsy snickered as a sly jab to the monkey, whose tail just twitched in response.

“That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Sun Wukong hummed thoughtfully.


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It was a horrible idea.

The queues of couples and woman who were chatting all around him would’ve made the monkey demons fur stand on end if he hadn’t decided to guise himself as typical human guy, freckles dotting his face faintly – similar to his own furred mask his true features displayed, hidden by the golden coloured hoodie.

He had realized quickly that there were no single humans lining up in their best to watch the opera, some of the men didn’t look like they didn’t want to be there but a pretty girl had hooked on their arm chatting animatedly to them.

Of course, it was a romantic opera – of course this would be the place to take a date too. Sun Wukong pondered if it was possible for him to even escape this one without being noticed but with how packed the line was, he doubted it unless he summoned a cloud to zip him away.

“Were you after a ticket sir?” The box office attendant smiled at the anxious looking brunette with gold eyes, looking out of place in the glamour of the ladies in the dresses and suits.

“Ah…sure.” Wukong said slowly, sounding incredibly uncertain about the whole thing.

“First time?” She said, bubbly as anything to the disguised monkey.

“Well…” The Monkey King rubbed the back of his head uncomfortably

“Once you see the performance, it will change you.” She said assuredly

“I’ll take your word on that.” Wukong agreed to placate the other

“Is it just you tonight?” She continued friendly enough, but his paranoia made the tone sound judging.

Wukong just gave the young girl a forced smile while just placing some yuan on the counter,

“Just one ticket please.”

She obliged, typing on the computer the admission fee and began to wait for the electronic churn of the printer to print the single ticket.

“Did you hear of the new 'Dan'* actor playing the princess?”  A conversation began behind him.

“They said it was their debut” Another voice chimed in, flicking though what sounded like the program.

“It is said they are super pretty!”

Wukong’s attention zeroed on the offered ticket, being distracted by the play goers behind him.

“Have a pleasant evening sir.”

“Ah, you too?” Sun Wukong said back absentmindedly, only to want to mentally slap himself at what he just said to the girl working the busy ticket box.

“I will.” The girl chuckled at the response as the usher directed the Monkey away from the line and into the building, dressed all black with a flash light to limit how obvious their lingering presence was in the theatre.

The whole theatre was done up in more traditional in appearance on the outside, but the inside seemed to be relatively updated, in the foyer was the chatting play goers and the bored husbands/boyfriends making use of the bar with drinks – Wukong squinted at the bartender, it appeared to be a fox demon busy shaking cocktail’s.

Thinking back on it, it seemed that there was a perfect mix of demons and humans in employ in this theatre – well, if the demons were not causing trouble, then there was no problem he supposed. Lost in his own thoughts, he wondered over to the bar. The art deco style and the marble bench felt cool to the touch, theatre seemed to get a lot cooler than it was before back in the day.

“Hello handsome, care for a drink?” The crimson fox winked at the guised monkey.

“Do you have anything with peaches?”

“Peaches?” The fox tilted their head at the request, thinking about their selection, “It’s not the season for peaches but I do have a can of them, a peach mimosa perhaps?”

Sun Wukong had begun to panic and almost said, ‘Y’know what – just get me a beer!’ he didn’t like beer but that seemed like the thing other humans seemed to order.

“You should make him a ‘brass monkey’ “The other barkeeper had said offhandedly while wiping down a white board and beginning to white down drink specials.

“Brass Monkey?”

“The new Dan actors’ recommendation – I did the round to ack the actors favourite drinks, in case during intermission anyone got thirsty, haven’t heard of the Brass Monkey in a long time.” He had hummed, “An old school, lesser-known drink – but making it from scratch would be nicer than the pre-mixed cocktails back then.”

“What say you then?” the fox  turning to the guised demon with a smile, “I can make either the lemonade or the orange juice version.”

Sun Wukong blinked at the cheerful human and demon barkeep,

“What would you recommend?’

“The lemonade one I feel is the nicer one.” The human barkeeper chimed back, quickly filling out orders.

“Yeah, I’ll have one of those.” The guised monkey agreed, knowing his delay in the decision would cause the others behind him to become more impatient – the drink with a wheel of lemon floating on the surface of the drink, the glass was cold to the touch.

Besides lemonade, he didn't know what was in it.

Wukong walked away, trying to not to linger too close to the chatting crowds as they waited for the doors open to the inner sanctum of the theatre, which should be in the next 10 minutes or so – the guised monkey was about to take a sip of the so-called recommended drink of the new leading actor only to freeze at the two figures that walked in hand in hand.

Mk was in hand with a taller red head – the others hair usually up in a flaming pony tail was loose and free, the other had a glamour on as well to avoid too much attention to themselves but even with the glamour he could tell who was his successors date.

 Mk is with Red Son?!

“I have never been to the opera before.” Mk looked around, “Like a proper one – the one with Pigsy didn’t count.” Flush on his cheeks as he looked around the fancy interior of the theatre.

“Oh, you’ll enjoy it – Mother used to take me to see this troupe every time they toured in the city.” Red Son said happily to the slightly shorter human as they made their way to the greeting barkeeper.

Of course, this is a super romantic date night – oh heavens, he can’t let Mk see him here!

Wukong was progressively panicking more so as he tried to hide himself behind one of the many pillars, if Mk sees him here, he will think his mentor followed him or something. Perhaps he could sneak out?

“The show is almost starting; the front doors will be closed for the duration of the show.” The usher called out, opening the inner doors as the outer ones closed. The usher paused at the cowering guised monkey and asked curiously,

“Are you okay sir?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Wukong righted himself.

“Do you need assistance to your seat?” The Usher continued, noticing how warily the other looked behind him as the crowds converged to the doors.

“Hey, where is the darkest part of the theatre – can you sit me there?”

The usher shrugged and nodded; they have heard weirder requests.

“The show is starting in the next 10 minutes!” The back stage manager shouted at the hustle and bustle of the actors hurrying to get ready, “Lin, I need you to help with the demon king.”

“I am still helping the princess though!” Lin shouted back at them; the centipede demon was pinning the princess’s black hair back in preparation of putting a wig on.

“Lin, I can do the rest myself – you help Zhao with his costume and makeup, you know how useless he is.” the princess put the others frazzled attempts at pinning the last short strand.

“You’re a life saver, Mac!” Lin sighed in relief, leaving the other hurriedly rushing to the others actor’s aid.

Macaque found himself staring at his human guised appearance alone without the many hands of the other – it made applying makeup a lot easier without worrying about his fur getting caked in the white powder that made him so pale in appearance.

Drawing back his draping sleeve of the dressing gown he was shoved into after Lin had helped him get dressed in the multitude layers of cloth (very much accurate costume designer, a spider demon, spared no expense in the ornate royal outfits), being mindful not to mar the silk with the powder or the red paint he was applying himself in the dainty movements that he had perfected in various shows he performed in.

Raising a paint brush to apply the red on the lips, making them look as ruby red as a ripe cherry – making his usually thin mouth more feminine in appearance, dusty pink brushed along the hollows of his cheeks defining them further and his eyelids. With how pale he looked, he had to redraw his eye brows, making them daintier and thinner than they would be normally – moving to line his eyes with the kohl as well.

Finishing the look with red fanning paint strokes above the black lines, mimicking how his natural mask on his fur looked near the corners of his eyes. Happy with the look, he stood up and untied the dressing gown, the white cotton falling around him revealing the brightly coloured layers and reaching over to a mannequin head where the black wig sat. Pulled into an ornate up do and pinned with a jade comb and 2 hair pins that one of the fox demons had allowed the costume department to borrow, in fact, most of the demons due to their longevity had a lot of the old-style clothes and items in storage which was a blessing to the high-strung, short-staffed costume department.

Macaque raised the wig and placed it on his pinned back shorter hair, transforming him completely from the 6 eared macaque and to the lovely princess Lian* – the kidnapped princess and her penniless lovelorn lover up against the powerful demon who kidnapped her.

It’s showtime.


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*Dan actor - in Chinese opera in the early years of it, troupes were all men, the all men troupes had them play female characters that were referred as Dan actors. The troupe macaque is in is a mix of genders to be more modern with the times, but the penniless love interest is played by a female actor. Basically anyone can play whoever they want, and Macaque auditioned for the Princess role because 1. one of the leading roles that isn't killed 2 . Artistically more challenging 3.  He makes a damn good princess. He wouldn't shapeshift in a female shape for the role because as part of the drama and art medium it is not really needed, about half of the female characters are played by male identifying mortals or guised demons.

Princess Lian - basically princess lotus, I decided to change the princess name after searching for a typical girl name *shrugs* btw the play isn't an actual real play, more so a homage to Chinese opera with parody of the 'journey to the west' as a lot of those stories involved either a princess being kidnapped by a demon or unwanted marriages to said demons. While Macaque would make an excellent demon king or love interest - both characters are cookie cutter hero and villain characters which he would not find fun to play.

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Sun Wukong hid himself in the shadows of perhaps the worst seats in the theatre but that was fine, pulling his hoodie further over his face as he saw Red Son and Mk walk to their seats – looked like the demon splurged on the better seats for his date.

The usher was giving him a concerned side glance, directing the other patrons to their better seats while making sure they don’t notice the weirdo not dressed for the opera or looking like they were a depressed man with nothing else to do on a Friday night.

Wukong tried not to openly stare at his successor and his enemy’s son getting cozy together in their seats in the dimming lights of the theatre – still contemplating perhaps he could just force himself out of the theatre, but his past experiences in causing a scene never did end well.

Being stuck under a mountain for 500 years was one of them.

Perhaps he’ll slip out at the intermission? The last dregs of the crowds settled down and the team of ushers had sealed the inner sanctum for the duration of the first half of the show – he was trapped.

Sun Wukong sunk deeper in his chair, in his hand the unknown drink made with lemonade – he sniffed it, it was rum with lemon. It was perhaps the weirdest drink of the menu, apparently the choice of one of the actors, the other drinks had extremely off-putting names and this seemed like the tamest one.

That and the monkey king did not want to linger in fount of line where it became increasingly obvious, he has no idea about the mixed concoctions that the human’s invented to make it more of a chore to get drunk.

He briefly wondered whose favourite drink this was, he took a tentative sip – it was sweet and then the burn of the alcohol tickled his throat, not bad he supposed.

The last of the lights began to dim and a hush settled though the theatre as the spot light had trained on the middle of the velvet curtains – a gentleman emerged from the curtains, dressed in head to toe in a stage reimagining of colourful courtier outfit. Wearing a fake wiry beard and a wide brimmed hat/ headpiece that gave the impression of a propeller.

“Gents, ladies and neither – welcome to our play this evening.” He bellowed out, in a powerful stage voice that warbled, “Shall we hear the chime of those devil items, you call phones, you shall be beheaded!”

Wukong felt his mouth twitch at the cheesy line – but it had the desired effect of the audience reaching in their pockets/handbags to make sure the devices were on mute or even off, taking another sip of his drink as the spotlight focused sorely on the speaker as further figures walked onto the stage as they began to set up the tale.

The curtains had finally parted, the glow of the stage and set pieces seemed to fill the dulled lighted auditorium prettily – the set pieces were ornate and lovingly crafted by a group of humans and demons, made impressively out of once plain timber and even paint. The back drop seemed to be a canvas scene, made for easy dropping and changing but the landscapes seemed to mimic that of the foggy, rolling hills of another time, looking like the water-coloured paintings and calligraphy art that Wukong had seen through the years to quite an impressive level.

The bright clothes and the traditional chiming of the instruments – paired with the dances and gymnastics of the performers were interesting to watch in all its overt splendor, the flurry of movements of the ribbon dancers kept the easily bored monkey interested enough to follow though the introductions of the main players of the play.

The gruff looking presenter/narrator of the story seemed to be the king of the kidnapped princess, a human possibly in their late 30’s but the stage makeup and fake beard made him look aged and sullen (yes, looking very much like a poor mortal king who had his daughter taken by a demon). Introducing himself as the just king who was much loved by his people and family – however, he favored his youngest daughter, the last child he had with his favourite concubine.

Next whom was introduced was the bellowing and fearsome demon king – entering (more so leaping onto the stage, the extras scattering in fear) from the side of the stage, the black and red of the ensemble. The armor the other wore was impressive if not completely impractical for any type of battle or fight – judging by the makeup, it seemed they attempted to give the other the appearance of a growling red demon with horns; with a blazing third eye that span wildly as the actor moved in a lively fashion, made with the special effects makeup that seemed to make up the others forehead and horns.

The next scenes seemed that born from the king’s foolishness and pride of his countries wealth and power had made him raise a bet with the demon king many years ago, – the demon showing up in all his fearsome glory to take what it owed to him, to take the thing that the mortal king cherished the most.

Of course, rather than treasure, the thing the King valued the most was his daughter.

Wukong couldn't help the small snort that escaped him, some of the kings he met on his quest would rather a demon steal his daughter than his wealth.

The mortal king, of course was a sniveling mess before the demon king – feeling pity for his future father-in-law had agreed to win the princess in a series of challenges outlined by the king for himself and other possible suitors to partake in.

Wukong swirled his drink absently, the remaining ice clinking against the glass – the demon seemed to be both the antagonist and the comedic relief in the dire situation that was playing out. The demon king agreeing to play along out to convince the king that he would be a suitable suitor to his daughter, completing each challenge the king threw at him in a desperate attempt to dissuade the demon and maintain somewhat civil with the being that could very well kill everyone in his kingdom and himself.

The demon king himself of course, shapeshifting, tricking and cheating his way though the suitors to end up victorious.

The Princess must be a dame for everyone to fight over her, but it was entertaining to watch none the less.

“And so, each challenge grew more difficult but still the demon king had remained victorious – gloating and starting arrangements for a wedding in his cold palace, the king grew sick with despair.” The king warbled pitifully, lounging in a set that looked to be the throne room with a screen with a figure sitting behind in an elegant silhouette.

“My poor sweet daughter, I fear you to be wed to a brute.” The king flung his arm over his face in a dramatic fashion, “I shall soon die of despair when he takes you to his palace of the damned.”

“No, you shall not.” The princess said sternly to the despairing king, standing up in all her finery – now in the full view of transfixed audience, the porcelain white painted face and the fanning pink almost red makeup had shaped her features in an overtly feminine way – fanning across her eyes and under her eyes, red lips as ruby red as cherries.

Hair pulled up in an orate hairdo, black hair had been coiled and wrapped with no misplaced strands – all pinned with hair pins and a jade comb (which, he had to hand it to the costume department – looked legit), she looked very pretty and carried herself gracefully as she both addressed the audience and her father.

“I cannot leave my father to wallow in despair, I shall create the final challenge myself – and I shall banish this demon from our kingdom for good.” Princess Lian said resolutely, hand on her heart – covered by the silken robe.

Wukong noticed curiously, as the other seemed to scan the audience, pausing only for a second at Mk and Red Son – the actor unconsciously clenched the silken scarf that hung around her powdered white neck and then gaze landing on the back of the theatre, where the monkey king was hiding in the shadows.

The strange prickling at the back of Wukong’s neck reared its head, coming from the depths of the shadows – the guised monkey turned quickly, but seeing no one standing there; glaring at him.

The light seemed to halo around her face, the gold eyes of the other seemed to flicker under a heavy glamour for a brief moment – Wukong had the prickling sense of familiarly to that shape of the others face and eyes, but he had a feeling that he would remember seeing a woman looking like her before in his life.

The make up made it difficult to pinpoint the face and where he saw it before – watching curiously further how the other carried herself, stepping carefully like mimicking the bound feet and silk slipper feet of the ladies of a past era. Sun Wukong felt his face flush at the other, he was not the only one enamored by the new actor.

Princess Lian seemed to pick up quickly from the slightly odd pause, continuing her speech – pointedly not looking to the centre of the audience or the back of the theatre as she continued in her whispery voice, sounding light and airy.

The Monkey King couldn’t help that itching need to know, the flicker of the others glamour had prickled his interest, while continuing to sip his drink – his own gaze flickered briefly with true sight, a molten gold flash to see what was up with the alluring actor.

Wukong’s eyes widened, accidentally inhaling the thinly sliced lemon garnish from his drink and began to splutter with watering eyes – the loud noise disturbing those closest to him, causing them to shush him irritably.

That was Macaque! The six-eared Macaque!

Mk tilted his head thoughtfully as the princess continued their continued scene, “Don’t they look familiar to you?” the monkey kid muttered softly.

“Shush…the princess is about to challenge the demon, and enlist the hero to go up against him.” Red Son shushed his date just as quietly, engrossed with the play and the dramatics of everything.

Mk smiled apologetically at that, well, whoever it was – they were pretty talented.

Macaque noticed Red Son and the kid almost immediately when he rose behind the screen – like a blooming lotus in the moonlight pond, almost stumbling on his lines when he saw them. Putting it aside, taking a subtle exhale that would be unnoticeable to those besides his co-performers (Lee, the actor whom played the king seemed to notice the others slight hitch in tone) – the child of the demon bull clan and the monkie kid were just the members of his enthralled audience, the kid’s eyes was full of stars when he made his dramatic entrance.

The show will go on.

But the appearance of those two, was not the end of his surprises for his night on the stage it seemed – the faint smell of peaches made his glamour flicker involuntary as his instincts were screaming at him to be aware from a burning gaze that reminded him too much of the sun was on the side of his face.

He involuntary tensed his hand in the silk scarf, but relaxed knowing the costume department would give him hell if he accidently ripped the floaty silk – stretching his shadow magic a bit farther than he ever planned while attempting to act at the same time.

From the shadows – he gazed briefly in each shadowy corner at the back of the theatre, to see if he can find the hidden member of the audience. Macaque felt his mouth tense when he finally found him, guised as a mortal just like Macaque – gazing transfixed on the stage.

Macaque tried to hide the obvious irritation – this was his safe place, it’s bad enough the fire demon and the kid was watching him but Sun Wukong of all people.

Why the hell was the guy even here?!

Macaque was tempted to quickly grab the other with his shadow clone and throw the other out (or from the roof of the theatre) – but again, he did not want to ruin the show for the others. 

Macaque was given pause when he scanned the others face, because while the others face was almost hidden by his hoodie (seriously, wearing a hoodie and track pants to the opera of all places Wukong?!) – a red tint filled the rounds of the others cheeks, and eyes filled with the same wonderment that Mk held but there was something odd having that look directed to him from Wukong.

Macaque retracted just as soon as the other turned, sensing him briefly in the shadows behind him.

 Macaque returned his usual serene expression that Princess Lian wore – deciding that it would be just like any show, never mind who was watching him.

This will simply be the best show he would put on.

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Chapter Text

Wukong stared transfixed on the princess in the remaining performance whenever the other was on stage, his tail twitching in interest in the following scenes – the princess approached the hero character, the plucky, handsome soldier as they schemed to have the soldier distract the demon king in the various challenges.

He was getting invested in the story and Macaque was an excellent actor (seeing the other in makeup and wrapped in feminine clothes made his gut roll not-unpleasantly but in a way that he tried desperately to ignore whatever that feeling was) – so invested that he almost let out a disappointed whine when the show hit intermission.

When the curtains were drawn again, as the play audience stood up to stretch, take a bathroom break or even have their drink re-filled. With the casual chatter of the audience (the sounds of stellar reviews which would make their way in the newspapers hopefully), the monkey king recalled his prior plan on escaping this whole situation by leaving during this perfect time – he really did not want his successor think the monkey king was attempting on third-wheeling a date.

But Wukong thought back to the play – he was enjoying himself and was reluctant to miss the remaining half.

The monkey king did not want to think on if he it was more reluctance to leave due to the realisation that the usually stoic shadow demon playing such a out of character role, the other monkey always loved his plays but when he had put on a show when they were younger – he would play the hero or the villain quite happily.

But it was not as though the other had created romantic plays or stories for the other monkeys for Flower Fruit Mountain, or even the Monkey king himself. Sun Wukong flushed a little in shame in recalling the reason why that those stories never appeared on the Monkey King’s Mountain – there was a time when the other monkey had wanted to go to the local human town to watch the local play, the other had mimicked the stories that he saw, even inviting the Monkey King – but the younger monkey king had teased the other upon finding out it was a love story.

The invites from the other to watch the plays with him had ceased at that point.

Wukong noticed both Red Son and MK leave slowly, the king had ducked down before they noticed him – the sharp scent of plums had however surrounded him, in the shadows was the guised hands and arms of the shadow demon had taken him by surprise as the other dragged him though the shadow portal forcefully.

Mk turned to the back of the theatre, puzzled at the sudden yelp – a glass lay abandoned, Red Son entwining his hand with his had ceased his investigation as they exited the theatre during the intermission.

Wukong was unceremoniously flung against the dressing table by an irate shadow demon, which would be quite comical to even look at with how the other was dressed in the moment in the flowing silks – the various powders and the mannequin head rattling at the force as he hit the furniture.

They rolled to the ground, the white powder making a mess on the floor and sticking to Wukong’s pant leg. But getting a little messy was the least of the golden monkey’s problems as he was now grappling with the other, an ornate and sharp hair pin that was part of the others costume was being attempted to be used as a dagger by the other.

Wukong was grabbing the others wrists as the other was stilled from his attempted stabbing, pressing his still silken hanfu covered body against the other as Wukong’s back and tail bone was pressed against the edge of the table.

Again, Wukong fought back against the coiling in his stomach at such a position – it was just like they were fighting or wrestling, why the hell is this any different?!

The other so close just made it more apparent his typical plum smell, the powder itself was scented with jasmine as well – a smell he would associate with the powdered ladies of court back in the day or the open gardens.

Macaque narrowed gaze softened barely, shifting to one of confusion to the others strange expression – the others cheeks flushed more so than it would in battle and how his eyes shifted even under the guise, flickering to his natural red tinge had betrayed on how unsteady the other had become in this moment.

Macaque doubled down on attempting to stab the other but was forced to let go of the hair pin with how tight the others grasp around his wrists had become, making his grip release – the other could have quite easily snapped his wrists but the stone monkey seemed to only wish to leave bruises, with the clatter of the hair pin heard on the glass top of  the dressing table, Wukong had inadvertently pulled the other closer still.

Macaque could feel something of the others pressing against him, and the furious crimson blush that lit up his human guised face (the other was almost ready to shift back to his true form from the stress) was very telling on what exactly was pressing against him.

“Really Peaches?” Macaque snapped ludicrously, his own blush lighting up under the heavy makeup, looking down at himself and back to the king, “If I knew seeing me in a dress got you so hot and bothered, I would’ve done it years ago.” Macaque teased the other, “The battles would’ve ended so much faster.”

“It was not just the dress…” Wukong mumbled while shifting his gaze away, aflame with embarrassment.

“…” Macaque paused at that mumble; he could hear the other clearly with his 6 ears – though guised they could still pick up the tiniest whispers.

“Mac – I am going to touch up your…” Lin called out happily though the closed but unlocked door, opening it suddenly – coming face to face with a very incriminating sight of the lead actor against the random, creepy guy that Han was talking about backstage (Han had moved from his post at the door of the theatre once everyone was seated, giving a hand where needed and making sure there was water for the actors for intermission), the weird guy at the back of the theatre with a stained hoodie.

Both the lead actor and the hoodie guy looked equally as shellshocked at the sudden appearance of Lin, the young centipede demon came prepared with her own brushes and makeup to complete touch ups as the time under the hot lights may have shifted the makeup of the other.

“Oh…” Lin many eyes shifted to the wrists being held and to the very close pelvises, “Oh my…”

“Lin!” Macaque leaped back, the red makeup could just barely hide the others embarrassment, ripping his wrists from the others grasp – allowing Wukong to slide down to the ground as he attempted to catch his breath and discreetly shift himself in his baggy track pants - thankful in his preference of un-fitted pants.

“I just was coming in to fix up your makeup…” Lin squeaked at how the other shouted at her, the fear in her voice seemed to be enough to snap Macaque out of his misplaced rage towards her – she was just doing her job. The shadow took a deep breath.

“It’s okay, you were just doing your job – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you.” Macaque said to the other gently.

“It’s okay…” Lin said with a little unease - flicking her gaze back to the blond man in a hoodie, “The director is very strict about bringing your boyfriends or girlfriends backstage during showtime though Mac.”

Wukong turned a deep red at that statement as he struggled to stand, that is what it looked like didn’t it? – the girl’s assumption was the most logical and easier to explain on why they were close like that. The lead attempting to kill an audience member, and with the member of the audience getting hard during the attempt would not have gone down well – probably banning both of them forever.

“He is not my…” Macaque began only to freeze when the King had put an arm around his middle – the shadow gave him a warning look.

“Yeah, sorry about that – I just wanted to say to Mac that he was doing a great job...we may have gotten a little carried away” Wukong grinned at the girl, “I really don’t want him to get in trouble with the director – he is a really great actor.”

Macaque looked stunned at the others praises momentary.

“Well…” Lin began before smiling brightly and gushing, “I can’t blame you; Macaque is really amazing – he looks like a real princess on stage.”

Macaque flushed again at the girl’s statement, eyes narrowing at the king next to him – half expecting the other to offer a snide comment or a force back a snort of laughter (like all those years ago when he had invited the other to a similar play).

“With such a talented make-up artist, you really do bring out his true beauty…” Wukong said, so genuine it made Macaque stare at the other – noticing the harder squeeze of the others middle and the kings own flush of embarrassment as he was still recovering.

“Really?!” Lin said happily, absorbing all the compliments from the stranger like a sponge, “Don’t worry Macaque, I won’t tell on you but we got to get ready for the second half – and you…” Lin pointed to Wukong with a brush,

“You got to leave backstage and go back to your seat – you can congratulate Macaque after the show is over.” Lin looked expectantly between the two monkeys, “But we should have enough time for you to give him a good luck kiss if you want.”

 “What?” Wukong squeaked out helplessly to the expectantly watching girl, Macaque flushing as well but chuckling – feeling some pity for the other.

“Oh, he’s shy – don’t worry, he will give it to me later....” Macaque said with a wink at the girl who giggled at that, removing the arm around his waist as Sun Wukong stepped away – getting ready to slip away from the backstage before the other audience members returned.

He cast a lingering gaze to Lin and Macaque – the centipede demon waving at him before returning to the sitting shadow to re-set his face and hair. Sun Wukong stepped out of the dressing room and made his way out to the exit but freezing as what the other said echoed in his head, ‘Don’t worry, he will give it to me later.’

Wukong’s whole human guise went up in smoke as his furry body was revealed as his magic could not deal with the emotions erratically reacting to the others words. He needed to take a moment for himself to calm down and not to overthink what that statement implied.


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Chapter Text

Wukong could barely steady himself for the remainder of the intermission – thankful for his hoodie as he escaped the back stage area with the yellow fabric pulled over his monkey-like features. He chose to make his move to escape the theatre but found himself reeling backwards and away from his possible escape at the sight of the familiar red headed demon and his spiky haired successor.

The humiliation of being found in such a compromising positon was enough to quell his traitorous libido for the moment - praise buddha for small mercies.

The fire demon was being an excellent date, in the intermission he had gone to the bar and brought MK a fancy looking cocktail inspired by the play and even for himself – if Wukong was not so concerned about being seen by the two he would be so proud of both.

“What did you think of the show so far?” The heir to the bull clan asked the shorter male – Mk flushing at the attention of the other, attempting to hide his nervousness in the depths of his brightly coloured cocktail with flecks of gold leaf.

“I love it!” Mk took a sip, “I’m surprised I liked it so much!”

“My mother used to take me to see the theatre when I was younger – I do not remember much about them but I believe she took me to the troupe that her oldest friend had played in, an excellent ‘dan’ actor” Red Son pondered, “But I never did have the chance to meet them outside of his costume and makeup though, Mother had said he wanted to settle down with an ‘idiot of a demon’ so they fell apart over the years.”

Wukong froze at that statement from the other, still trying his absolute best not to be noticed by the other, Macaque used to act back in the day too – sneaking down to the local human city (Wukong followed him once – he was worried) and if memory served him correctly that was the night, he saw Princess Iron Fan and a much younger Red Son playing with her skirts.

He did not follow any further at the sight of the family he wronged by sealing their patriarch under a mountain.

“A dan actor?” Mk muttered, puzzled.

“Ah – I suppose it is quite an old concept…”  Red Son muttered, momentarily forgetting that the other was not an immortal like himself and had no concept of the theatre in the old times.

“Well, back in the day – woman was not allowed to partake in opera so men played the female roles too.” Red Son then added, “That is not the case anymore though – but this troupe is famous for allowing all genders or those who identify as something else to play any role they wish.”

“Oh – we should take Mei to see this!” Mk hummed; Red Son nodded.

“It is odd however – the princess seems so familiar to me…” Red Son added, taking a sip of his own drink. Mk nodded along too, the same feeling he had prickling at the back of his mind the moment he saw the figure rise.

“Yeah…” Mk muttered – they shared the silence but it was then when the penny finally dropped for the fire demon, eyes widening as some familiar habit of the actor clicked.

“I think they are the same actor, back then – the same lead actor in the shows that my mother took me to…”

“Huh? – but that would be only possible if they were…”

“A demon or a celestial, yes.”

“…” Mk searched his own memories, “huh – wonder it it’s someone I’ve met before…”

Mk turned a thoughtful gaze back to the theatre – a curious expression of his did not bode well, nor did the Monkey King like how he was looking to the crowd of people he was trying to still hide in.

Sun Wukong ducked behind one of cardboard cut outs with the brightly costumed characters of the play – again the concierge of the theatre arched a brow at the cowering man in his dirty hoodie. Calming down enough spin his guise back together – just in time for the play to be resumed.

Wukong waited for the audience to return, waiting for Red Son and Mk to leave to return to their seats.

“Sir – the intermission has ended; will you be returning to your seat?”

Wukong took a breath, and followed back into the theatre – really, he had been their half-way all ready, he could not run away now. Especially now that Macaque approached him – he was the great sage equal to heaven, he can maintain some semblance of normality for the remaining show.

The show had begun where it had been left off – the over-dramatic fight between the demon king and the hero was quite a spectacle to behold but Wukong could not admire it fully with how Macaque stole all his attention with the dainty way he held himself. As soon as it was revealed on who the princess was, Wukong could not unsee it even if he wanted to.

The other looked so at ease on stage, it was breathtaking how the other could slip into a new form and personality with such ease – a typical master of his craft, probably why the other was able to fool everyone in thinking he was the great sage for a time. Only Buddha could see though the others lies and skill.

So lost in his own musings – when the play had met its finality with the tragic death of both the hero and the demon king but the kingdom had been freed from the clutches of the demon. With the Princess surviving through the tragedy, whether the cunning princess had truly loved the hero or simply used his infatuation with her to her desired end was left up to the interpretation of the audience.

The audience quickly rose with the draw of the curtain – raising to clap in appreciation and adoration of the art, the roar of the clapping had called for the cast (both the demon king and hero brought back to life), bowing to the audience in their praise, followed by the despaired king and the multiple background and supporting cast.

All of them had parted the way with flourish to the lovely princess, macaque bowed to the increased cheers of the audience – the supporting cast joining in while smiling at the guised monkey demon. Wukong felt his mouth twitch at the sight of the other, the other looked so happy and pleased – expression the same back when the dark furred monkey performed solely for the flower fruit mountain monkey’s.

Sun Wukong took one last look at the happy bowing of the guised six-eared monkey, using that moment to slip out again as soon as the door opened – he could feel the others gaze burned the back of his head as he made certain to be the first to leave.

In the days that followed – Wukong tried not to think back about the play, while Mk could not stop gushing about it to everyone who would listen. The restlessness and the strange lingering feeling would not leave the sage even as he attempted to distract himself with training Mk and looking after the mountain - even more so that the king fought the urge to go to each show.

Distracting himself with training Mk so he would not simper over his former friend in makeup and a dress that complimented his eyes - abandoning a bunch of flowers at the box office rather than falling to the siren call of the others performance again.

“Monkey King?” Mk finally stilled his lunging as the other had been tapped to many times, “Are you alright?”

“Huh?” Wukong blinked and looked down at his former staff that was resting against his chest – had this been a real battle, it would have been a nasty injury left in its wake, “I’m fine.”

Wukong attempted to reassure his successor but the other did not look like he was buying it anytime soon – the golden stone monkey had convinced the other that he was tired and the mortal should go back home or spend time with Red Son.

Mk finally left his mentor in peace, and Wukong just wanted to curl up in his nest in his small hut – pushing the door open was when the scent of floral scented powder and plums, the smells of that dressing room in the theatre had invaded his home.

“I was expecting you to come to my last show.” Macaque hummed – sitting in the small room, still dressed in the elaborate costume but missing the full makeup, pinned wig and human guise but the dark furred monkey still sat like a princess awaiting her husband to be.

The being that was in the cramped dressing room had invaded Wukong’s relatively peaceful sanctuary.

“Oh…” Wukong made a sound very unbecoming of the king of flower fruit mountain – wary of the intruder but not because of the reason he should have been.

“I was surprised at the flowers you sent to the theatre instead.” Macaque continued conversationally, in his hand a mix of wild flowers that only grew in the forever spring of the mountain – with no rhyme or reason to the arrangement.

“Ha, why would I send flowers?” Wukong scoffed, lying though his teeth.

“I suppose that’s true – besides the other flowers I got were ten times nicer…”

“Other flowers – who did you get other flowers from?!” Wukong demanded, jealously flaring.

“Oh, you know, other interested demons - some mortals…” The dark haired one shrugged, knowing it would irritate the other further.

“These flowers were picked from the wild flower fields where we – “Wukong’s irritated ramblings were cut short – flushing at the knowing look the other shot him.

“Yes – thank you for the flowers Wukong…” Macaque said assuredly, placing the colourful floral bundle down on the table.


“Did you mean it?”


“What you said at the theatre – it was not just the dress?”

“Yeah – you were always at home on the stage and you looked so…happy.” Wukong answered back lamely, “Like before…”

“Before...” Macaque repeated back bluntly - before Wukong killed him was left unsaid.

“I…” Wukong began, trying to find the words.

“Don’t even think about apologising – that is neither here or now for that.” Macaque continued, “I am here because you sent me these flowers.”

“Oh…” Wukong muttered – tail swaying side to side as the other monkey in the silk gown layers rose slowly.

“And you did promise to give a kiss to me later…” Macaque said softly, the golden furred king could feel his heart skip a beat at that – knowing full well that the 6-earred demon could hear how erratic his heartrate become.

“Um…” Wukong looked at the red masked face of the other and then flicking his gaze to the many layers and sash the other wore.

“I take it the Great Sage equal to heaven has had past experience with stripping woman of their garments?” Macaque gestured to his costume, the monkey king wordlessly moving closer – right in the personal space of the other.

Wukong’s shaking hands found the sash done up in the style of the time, admiring the soft silk under his hot hand.

“I may have dabbled in that skill in the past…”

“Do not rip the hanfu demon – this princess had entered this domain with her honour and will leave with it intake.” Macaque said coolly – tone mimicking his persona on stage, before any further demands to make the stone monkey to work in haste had been silenced with other stealing away a kiss.

It was not the best kiss – it was clumsy and felt as though this was the first one the monkey king had initiated. Macaque felt the need to take over, which the other gladly let the other lead as he excitedly but gently began to tug at the knot of the sash of the floaty garments.

With the sash untied, floating down onto the floor – freeing the very first of the layers. Sun Wukong pulled away from the others lips, though missing the paint that the other had on stage he could still taste the lingering compound – Wukong burying his face in the crook of the others neck poking out from the folded and pressed collar of the fabric, the floral and plum fragrance heightened by the others own musk from under the hot stage lights.

Wukong moved to the second layer with a patience that was so unbecoming of the king, the shadow demon stood there watching the other so readily unwrap him from the costume like he was a large present. The demon watched the other so carefully with a light flush dusting his cheeks, letting the other unfurl his body under the thinning layers like the attending eunuch in the palaces of old – attending to the ladies of court for the emperor they served.

Macaques own interest in this turn of events had presented itself in the tell-tale tenting of the fabric against his crotch – the dark furred one very much aware and attempting to make sure he did not make a mess of the borrowed clothes from the theatre.

“Make haste, My King…” Macaque pleaded with the other softly, and indeed the golden monkey did.

The demon had carefully peeled away the petal like cloth, pooling around him like the colourful falling blossoms -Wukong had pulled the still figure into almost a hug as he wrapped his hands around the last knot that had kept both the linin top and pants tied together under the other robes. Macaque was wearing undergarments of the same style as the ornate hanfu as the final layer – pure and white, a stark contrast against the dark fur and form that was seen under the almost sheer fabric.

The Monkey king pulled the others body flush against him, the other tail caught by his hand as he let the baggy pants to slip down his dark furred legs – Macaque pulling away to pull the under shirt over his head himself, biting back a moan when at the reveal of his chest the stone monkey began to lathe attention at his chest, in particular the perky nipples that tingled at the sensation of the fabric being dragged across them and now the hot mouth of the worshipping Sun Wukong.

“Turns out you are quite skilled in undressing women…” Macaque said breathlessly, a hand entangling his hand in the others fur – a breathy sigh escaping him as the stone monkey removed his mouth from the erect bud and then moving on to the other tempting nipple.

Macaque pulled the head away from his sensitive chest, looking down at the drooling and flushed king.

“I’m eager to find out if you are just as skilled as dressing one too...” Macaque continued – the other allowing his partner to push him further down on his knees, the erect member of the shadow demon was jutting out proudly. Hard and tempting looking, Wukong could not help but reach out and stroke the cock of the other demon – dragging his thumb down the underneath of the engorged flesh all the while pressing down at the weeping slit.

“But first – you must make sure their needs are tended to.” Macaque sighed, throwing his head back as the king then had swallowed the tip of his member – making certain to look after all the others needs for the remaining night.

He was a loyal demon king to his princess after all.

Later in the night, Wukong held the other demon by his hips – drilling deeper with his own cock with the others legs hooked over his shoulders, chasing his own end in the welcoming embrace of the other. They were so loud in their lovemaking that they did not pay any heed to Sun Wukong’s mobile phone blowing up with near constant messages from MK as the penny finally dropped on why the princess was so familiar.

That was a tomorrow discussion to be had, not for now.

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