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A night at the opera

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Wukong stared transfixed on the princess in the remaining performance whenever the other was on stage, his tail twitching in interest in the following scenes – the princess approached the hero character, the plucky, handsome soldier as they schemed to have the soldier distract the demon king in the various challenges.

He was getting invested in the story and Macaque was an excellent actor (seeing the other in makeup and wrapped in feminine clothes made his gut roll not-unpleasantly but in a way that he tried desperately to ignore whatever that feeling was) – so invested that he almost let out a disappointed whine when the show hit intermission.

When the curtains were drawn again, as the play audience stood up to stretch, take a bathroom break or even have their drink re-filled. With the casual chatter of the audience (the sounds of stellar reviews which would make their way in the newspapers hopefully), the monkey king recalled his prior plan on escaping this whole situation by leaving during this perfect time – he really did not want his successor think the monkey king was attempting on third-wheeling a date.

But Wukong thought back to the play – he was enjoying himself and was reluctant to miss the remaining half.

The monkey king did not want to think on if he it was more reluctance to leave due to the realisation that the usually stoic shadow demon playing such a out of character role, the other monkey always loved his plays but when he had put on a show when they were younger – he would play the hero or the villain quite happily.

But it was not as though the other had created romantic plays or stories for the other monkeys for Flower Fruit Mountain, or even the Monkey king himself. Sun Wukong flushed a little in shame in recalling the reason why that those stories never appeared on the Monkey King’s Mountain – there was a time when the other monkey had wanted to go to the local human town to watch the local play, the other had mimicked the stories that he saw, even inviting the Monkey King – but the younger monkey king had teased the other upon finding out it was a love story.

The invites from the other to watch the plays with him had ceased at that point.

Wukong noticed both Red Son and MK leave slowly, the king had ducked down before they noticed him – the sharp scent of plums had however surrounded him, in the shadows was the guised hands and arms of the shadow demon had taken him by surprise as the other dragged him though the shadow portal forcefully.

Mk turned to the back of the theatre, puzzled at the sudden yelp – a glass lay abandoned, Red Son entwining his hand with his had ceased his investigation as they exited the theatre during the intermission.

Wukong was unceremoniously flung against the dressing table by an irate shadow demon, which would be quite comical to even look at with how the other was dressed in the moment in the flowing silks – the various powders and the mannequin head rattling at the force as he hit the furniture.

They rolled to the ground, the white powder making a mess on the floor and sticking to Wukong’s pant leg. But getting a little messy was the least of the golden monkey’s problems as he was now grappling with the other, an ornate and sharp hair pin that was part of the others costume was being attempted to be used as a dagger by the other.

Wukong was grabbing the others wrists as the other was stilled from his attempted stabbing, pressing his still silken hanfu covered body against the other as Wukong’s back and tail bone was pressed against the edge of the table.

Again, Wukong fought back against the coiling in his stomach at such a position – it was just like they were fighting or wrestling, why the hell is this any different?!

The other so close just made it more apparent his typical plum smell, the powder itself was scented with jasmine as well – a smell he would associate with the powdered ladies of court back in the day or the open gardens.

Macaque narrowed gaze softened barely, shifting to one of confusion to the others strange expression – the others cheeks flushed more so than it would in battle and how his eyes shifted even under the guise, flickering to his natural red tinge had betrayed on how unsteady the other had become in this moment.

Macaque doubled down on attempting to stab the other but was forced to let go of the hair pin with how tight the others grasp around his wrists had become, making his grip release – the other could have quite easily snapped his wrists but the stone monkey seemed to only wish to leave bruises, with the clatter of the hair pin heard on the glass top of  the dressing table, Wukong had inadvertently pulled the other closer still.

Macaque could feel something of the others pressing against him, and the furious crimson blush that lit up his human guised face (the other was almost ready to shift back to his true form from the stress) was very telling on what exactly was pressing against him.

“Really Peaches?” Macaque snapped ludicrously, his own blush lighting up under the heavy makeup, looking down at himself and back to the king, “If I knew seeing me in a dress got you so hot and bothered, I would’ve done it years ago.” Macaque teased the other, “The battles would’ve ended so much faster.”

“It was not just the dress…” Wukong mumbled while shifting his gaze away, aflame with embarrassment.

“…” Macaque paused at that mumble; he could hear the other clearly with his 6 ears – though guised they could still pick up the tiniest whispers.

“Mac – I am going to touch up your…” Lin called out happily though the closed but unlocked door, opening it suddenly – coming face to face with a very incriminating sight of the lead actor against the random, creepy guy that Han was talking about backstage (Han had moved from his post at the door of the theatre once everyone was seated, giving a hand where needed and making sure there was water for the actors for intermission), the weird guy at the back of the theatre with a stained hoodie.

Both the lead actor and the hoodie guy looked equally as shellshocked at the sudden appearance of Lin, the young centipede demon came prepared with her own brushes and makeup to complete touch ups as the time under the hot lights may have shifted the makeup of the other.

“Oh…” Lin many eyes shifted to the wrists being held and to the very close pelvises, “Oh my…”

“Lin!” Macaque leaped back, the red makeup could just barely hide the others embarrassment, ripping his wrists from the others grasp – allowing Wukong to slide down to the ground as he attempted to catch his breath and discreetly shift himself in his baggy track pants - thankful in his preference of un-fitted pants.

“I just was coming in to fix up your makeup…” Lin squeaked at how the other shouted at her, the fear in her voice seemed to be enough to snap Macaque out of his misplaced rage towards her – she was just doing her job. The shadow took a deep breath.

“It’s okay, you were just doing your job – I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have shouted at you.” Macaque said to the other gently.

“It’s okay…” Lin said with a little unease - flicking her gaze back to the blond man in a hoodie, “The director is very strict about bringing your boyfriends or girlfriends backstage during showtime though Mac.”

Wukong turned a deep red at that statement as he struggled to stand, that is what it looked like didn’t it? – the girl’s assumption was the most logical and easier to explain on why they were close like that. The lead attempting to kill an audience member, and with the member of the audience getting hard during the attempt would not have gone down well – probably banning both of them forever.

“He is not my…” Macaque began only to freeze when the King had put an arm around his middle – the shadow gave him a warning look.

“Yeah, sorry about that – I just wanted to say to Mac that he was doing a great job...we may have gotten a little carried away” Wukong grinned at the girl, “I really don’t want him to get in trouble with the director – he is a really great actor.”

Macaque looked stunned at the others praises momentary.

“Well…” Lin began before smiling brightly and gushing, “I can’t blame you; Macaque is really amazing – he looks like a real princess on stage.”

Macaque flushed again at the girl’s statement, eyes narrowing at the king next to him – half expecting the other to offer a snide comment or a force back a snort of laughter (like all those years ago when he had invited the other to a similar play).

“With such a talented make-up artist, you really do bring out his true beauty…” Wukong said, so genuine it made Macaque stare at the other – noticing the harder squeeze of the others middle and the kings own flush of embarrassment as he was still recovering.

“Really?!” Lin said happily, absorbing all the compliments from the stranger like a sponge, “Don’t worry Macaque, I won’t tell on you but we got to get ready for the second half – and you…” Lin pointed to Wukong with a brush,

“You got to leave backstage and go back to your seat – you can congratulate Macaque after the show is over.” Lin looked expectantly between the two monkeys, “But we should have enough time for you to give him a good luck kiss if you want.”

 “What?” Wukong squeaked out helplessly to the expectantly watching girl, Macaque flushing as well but chuckling – feeling some pity for the other.

“Oh, he’s shy – don’t worry, he will give it to me later....” Macaque said with a wink at the girl who giggled at that, removing the arm around his waist as Sun Wukong stepped away – getting ready to slip away from the backstage before the other audience members returned.

He cast a lingering gaze to Lin and Macaque – the centipede demon waving at him before returning to the sitting shadow to re-set his face and hair. Sun Wukong stepped out of the dressing room and made his way out to the exit but freezing as what the other said echoed in his head, ‘Don’t worry, he will give it to me later.’

Wukong’s whole human guise went up in smoke as his furry body was revealed as his magic could not deal with the emotions erratically reacting to the others words. He needed to take a moment for himself to calm down and not to overthink what that statement implied.


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